Getting Started

Thank you for considering MysticMi for your internet connectivity. We would be honored to serve your family and give you fast and stable access, with no artificial data caps. So, where do we start?

Step One: We will need to do a site survey*. Once you contact us with your interest in service we will come out to your home or business and test how strong of a connection we can guarantee. If the connection at your home or business location meets our standards, we will present you with your options.

Step Two: Schedule the install. Once we have determined we can service your location and we have agreed upon your desired internet package we will schedule an installer to get your service going. Installation is generally a simple process. We will work with you to determine where you want the service to enter your home and determine from there the most optimal place to install the required equipment. Our equipment is generally mounted on your roof, but we will consider other locations such as existing antenna towers or other out buildings like barns or silos. Note that long runs of outdoor rated cabling will incur additional costs. We will also install any equipment needed inside the home and educate you on how the service works and how you can connect your devices.

Step Three: Activate your account in our management system so that you can take control of your internet experience. Through our management portal you can upgrade or down grade your service level, enter support tickets for service issues, pay your bill, or even cancel your service.

Step Four: Make some popcorn, take seat, Netflix and chill.

* Some locations will be pre-approved for service and no site survey will be required.